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Serialized Online: 2006
Released in Print: October 6, 2009
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 978-0307460837
Pages: 288
Cheyenne Clark is lost in the woods. In the far northern reaches of Canada, she is wandering with no supplies, in a forest deserted by mankind. But she is not alone. Something is tracking her, something glimpsed only in moonlight. A beast of enormous size and strength, with massive teeth evolved to crunch human bones. Its eyes burn a cold green when they stare out at her from the shadows.

She knows those eyes all too well.

When the monster catches up with her, it won't kill and eat her. It has something far worse in store for Chey. Her life is about to change in ways she can't comprehend. She'll become the very thing she fears. And she'll have to make choices that will define her, choices no sane woman should ever have to make. Does she fight back against the beast in the darkness? Or does she accept what she has become, and run with it through the cold forest, her body alive with the blood of the wolf?

She's already lost her soul, just as surely as she's lost her way. What more does she have to lose? And why is she so afraid to find out?
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