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The first ebook short story set in the "Chimera" universe will be titled MINOTAUR A JIM CHAPEL STORY. This ebook short will be released May 7, 2013 as mentioned earlier.
A new David Wellington novel, titled CHIMERA, will be coming to ebook and hardcover on JULY 23, 2013 from William Morrow Publishing. In May 2013 two short story ebook prequels will come out, both are currently untitled. The first will be out May 7 and the second will be out May 14.

A description for CHIMERA: the first in a series about a government agent named Jim Chapel fighting a group of genetically modified humans called chimeras.
David Wellington has released two short stories and his last serialized novel PLAGUE ZONE on Amazon Kindle. So far neither has shown up on any of the other ebook stores. The two short stories are titled RIVALS and PASS/FAIL.
A lot has happened since the last update here over a year ago. 32 FANGS A FINAL VAMPIRE TALE will be coming out April 24, 2012. it is the last book in the Laura Caxton series.

David Wellington has also started releasing a series of fantasy novels called the "Ancient Blades Trilogy" under the penname David Chandler. The first book in the series DEN OF THIEVES was released on July 26 of this year. The other two novels will see release this year. The next book, A THIEF IN THE NIGHT, will be out September 27. The final book, HONOR AMONG THIEVES, will see release November 29.
RAVAGED has been confirmed by David Wellington on his forum Hail Horrors to be the U.K. title for OVERWINTER. Both books will have the same text, but just different titles and covers. Also the U.K. version of FROSTBITE will be titled CURSED and it too has a different cover.
A short story by David Wellington will appear in the zombie anthology THE LIVING DEAD 2. The story's title will be GOOD PEOPLE. THE LIVING DEAD 2 will be available September 2010.
According to Randomhouse, the title to the sequel to FROSTBITE will in fact be called OVERWINTER as originally announced. Tho Amazon UK has Ravaged listed as coming out in the UK 2 days after the US release of Overwinter. Not only that, but there are cover images for both titles. Click the title to see the covers: OVERWINTER RAVAGED I'm still looking for more information on Ravaged. My thoughts is that its just a different title for the UK release, but the same book. I could be wrong. More too come on this later.
The sequel to FROSTBITE: A WEREWOLF TALE, which was originally believed to be called OVERWINTER, will be titled RAVAGED: A WEREWOLF'S TALE. According to Amazon UK RAVAGED: A WEREWOLF'S TALE is set for an October 7th release in the UK. No U.S. release has been set, but will probably be sometime near the UK release.

The description Amazon UK has goes as follows:

When a strange wolf's teeth slashed Cheyenne Clark's ankle to the bone, her old life ended, and she became the very monster that haunted her nightmares for years. Worse, the only one who can understand what Chey has become is the man - or wolf - who's doomed her to this fate. He also wants her dead. Yet, as the line between human and beast blurs, so too does the distinction between hunter and hunted. Because someone is on the trail of Powell and Chey? someone as fierce as they are...
AmazonUK Link
David Wellington has co-wrote an character episode for Scott Sigler's podcast novel THE CRYPT. The character episode will be posted online at Scott Sigler's website December 27, 2009. Scott Sigler's Site
David Wellington will doing "30 Short Stories in 30 Days" at DailyLit starting September 22, 2009.
David Wellington will have a short story entitled "Weaponized" in a Christopher Golden edited anthology titled The New Dead coming February 10, 2010.
David Wellington will be writing a comicbook. He will be writing one issue in the Marvel Zombies Return five issue series.

Here is what Dave had posted in his official forum:

You've all been waiting for it, so here it is... the big news about Comic Books. I'm writing one!

I'm writing one issue of Marvel's five week event, Marvel Zombies Return! They even let me mess around with Iron Man... and believe me, the emphasis is on MESS.

All my zombie fans are in for a treat--and anyone who wants to see what I can do with comic books should definitely check this out. Other issues are being written by Jonathan Maberry (Zombie CSU), Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies 3-4), and Seth Grahame-Smith (who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

David Wellington has a new short story titled "Off Radio" in the anthology titled Buried Tales in Pinebox, Texas by 12 to Midnight Press. Click here for more information on Buried Tales in Pinebox, Texas
David Wellington is doing a horror themed blog for the American Movie Classics cable channel website. Click here to view his first post or Click here to view the AMC Horror blog.
The sequel to the upcoming print release of David Wellington's serialized novel Frostbite will be titled Overwinter and will probably come out sometime in 2010.
The release date for the print version of David Wellington's serialized novel Frostbite is set for October 6, 2009. Pre-order it from randomhouse here
David Wellington recently did two 30 second stories on Weekend America.
Click here to find an audio file of the stories as read by David Wellington
The next Laura Caxton vampire novel is to be titled 23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale and is set to be released June 23, 2009.
David Wellington's serial novel Frostbite will be published at an as yet undetermined date and will have a sequel sometime after it's print release.
8/10/08 did an interview with the director who is making the Monster Island movie.

Here is what was said about the Monster Island movie: "We also asked for a progress report on Monster Island, an epic zombie movie that Susco has been producing from another novel (of sorts). "'Monster Island' is a book that I optioned by this author named David Wellington which is pretty good. He wrote a book online and published it chapter by chapter without going back to revising it as he put the chapters online. What I'm trying to do with my producing partner is say, 'Let's do something different for a zombie movie. Let's not do a ten million dollar, five people trapped somewhere, really low-budget zombie movie. Let's spend ninety million dollars and do the '300' version of it and do the zombie movie nobody's ever seen before which is a dozen people on Manhattan island fighting forty million zombies. Let's do a huge version of it. It's a lot to ask from a studio so we're kind of developing it a little bit on the quiet side and trying to figure out the best way to sort of show people what the potential is."

Click the link to go to the full article Article
An interview with David Wellington will be appearing the upcoming book Zombie CSU The Forensics of the Living Dead (release date set to 8/26/08). The book is by Jonathan Maberry and will be released by Citadel Press.
The short story that will appear in the next Permuted Press anthology titled The World is Dead will be Dead Man's Land. The story originally appeared in the Monster Universe chapbook, but has never been released in print.
A new serial by David Wellington will be hitting the web sometime this September. Originally slated for July, due to technical difficulties and other obligations (writing of the 4th Laura Caxton novel) the story has been pushed back.
A new short story by David Wellington will be appearing in the next zombie anthology released by Permuted Press entitled The World is Dead. The story title is yet to be known and the release of the anthology is also undetermined at this time because it is still in the story submission phase.Permuted Press