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Welcome to Bloody!Horrors, a David Wellington fansite.

This fansite will promote the author of online serial novels and print novels, David Wellington. On this site you will find news on Mr. Wellington, information on his books, links to interviews, and whatever else comes about because of him and his work.

  • Added the upcoming ebook short story MYRMIDON: A JIM CHAPEL STORY to the "Works" section of the site.
  • Added links to David Wellington's Facebook and Twitter pages on the "Main Page" (look below the author image on this page).
  • 4-9-13
  • Added MINOTAUR: A JIM CHAPEL STORY to the "Works" section under eBooks.
  • 1-22-13
  • Small news update regarding the first Chimera ebook short story in the "News" section.
  • 12-9-12
  • Added David Wellington's upcoming book CHIMERA to the "Works" section (with the front cover image).
  • 10-12-12
  • MAJOR NEWS: A new David Wellington novel, titled CHIMERA, will be coming to ebook and hardcover on JULY 23, 2013 from William Morrow Publishing. A little more on that in the "News" section.
  • 9-27-12
  • Moved PLAGUE ZONE to the eBooks section of the "Works" section. PLAGUE ZONE has been released in eBook format on the Amazon Kindle.
  • Added an alternate cover to the 32 FANGS page in the "Works" section.
  • Added THE UNDEAD THAT SAVED CHRISTMAS: Vampire Edition to the "Books Appearing In" part of the "Works" section.